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The rubric “blitz-survey” of “Exclusive” has its birthday.

Prepared by Sophya Balakina

The rubric “blitz-survey” of “Exclusive” has its birthday. One year ago we published the first material created within the framework of this format. Time has shown that readers are interested in this rubric. We thank you for your attention and promise to further discuss the topical issues, giving specialists within different areas an opportunity to express themselves. Our main principle on these pages is non-interference. The editor’s pen is not used here. Our goal is to receive and present to the readers the competent opinion of the specialists (politicians, businessmen, journalists, social activists, and so on) who know the problem inside out.

This time we covered the problem of the legalization of assets. We asked our respondents if they consider its realization legitimate and asked their opinion on how the volume of legalized assets compare to the size of the shadow economy in Kazakhstan. To our surprise, most of the specialists that were contacted by “Exclusive” refused to answer; some refused immediately, and others just delayed their answers. We can only guess why the respondents, all of whom are well-known people, didn’t want to speak about this topical issue. Perhaps because this economic question borders tightly with political issues.
We thank all of those who agreed to spare their time for their cooperation.

- I think that campaign is ineffective. Sociological surveys need to be done before the realization of such actions. Although, the Ministry of Justice had discussed the issue for a long time, it is unclear what social group the legalization is targeting. In my opinion, there is more harm from it than benefit.
First of all, the whole system should be changed, including taxation, so that there is no excess pressure on entrepreneurs. Independent and impartial justice should be sought.
What is happening now? Instead of a complex approach, we use one-time actions. As before,

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