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Which institute of higher education world you prefer for you children

Prepared by Sophia Balakina

Yuri Barsukov,
managing director of
KazKommertsBank (graduate of the law department of Kazakh State University named for al Farabi):

Certainly, Great Britain, where else? Because this [the country] represents high quality of education and old traditions. Though, to be honest, my son is only four years of age, and the issue of his education is not pressing for me now. Yet, if I had an opportunity to go and study for two years, I would choose London. The best education in the sphere of business, economics and finance can be found in Great Britain. Following is the United States. Everything depends on the field of study chosen. There are specialties best taught at Cambridge. There are courses best mastered at Oxford. And, one can also choose the London Business School. I would choose the last if, for example, I wished to get an MBA degree. However, the history of Kazakhstan is better studied here in the motherland.

Svetlana Savchenko,
president of the Consumers’ League, a public foundation:

My elder son received a diploma from Adilet, a Kazakhstani school for higher law. My younger son is still too young [to study], but if I had the chance, I would send him to St. Petersburg State University. I myself graduated from there, having studied in the department of conflict resolution. Besides this, I have two higher degrees: economics, received at the Almaty Institute of National Economy, and law, from Adilet.

Askar Kusainov,
deputy chairman of the board of Narodnyi Bank Kazakhstan JSC:

My son graduated from Cambridge University, one of the oldest and most prestigious education institutions in the world. He entered this school on his own, and studied there without any support from the state. I generally believe that the best investment is that into the education of one’s own children. A very good education is a reliable foundation in life. However, this is quite a trivial truth. I am very glad to learn about the current expansion of the Bolashak program to include the training of engineers and scientists, not only economists and managers. The state can, and must, invest into the education of its young citizens, as this is the basis of a successful future.

Medet Rakhimbaev,
deputy chairman of the board of Bank CenterCredit JSC:

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I cannot answer this question in the subjunctive mood. My children have already entered institutes of higher learning. My daughter studies at KIMEP (the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research), while my son is at KBTU (Kazakhstani-British Technical University).
If we are to speak about foreign universities, I would not mind if in ten years my son were to continue his studies at Harvard Business School. I know a couple of graduates of this school. These people have become captains of industry (it is now fashionable to say this). Such people as these move our country forward. I would be happy if in 10-15 years my son could continue this practice, and do something useful for Kazakhstan.

Aida Sapargazinova,
general director of Food Master JSC:

I would prefer for my children a technical school or college that provides strong, practical knowledge from where will they receive an MBA degree if they were to continue their education? My children will decide independently.

I myself take the same path. After finishing school, I entered a college of light industry, and received a [certificate] as a technician. We gained excellent knowledge. After graduation, we could work as junior specialists at an enterprise. Moreover, we understood processes involved in mechanics, electrical equipment and modeling. I learned many skills then I use even today.

I like England. I dream that my daughter can enter St. Martin’s College, where they train specialists in the fashion business. The reason for my choice is the status and reputation of this institution. St. Martin’s College has trained many world-class specialists. Besides, education in Great Britain is also a chance to extend one’s outlook, increase one’s level of culture, find new friends, and practice language skills.

Mukhtar Djakishev,
president of NAK Kazatomprom JSC:

All my children received their secondary education in Kazakhstan. My elder daughter is to continue her studies in the USA. She received a grant, but will not use it, as she does not like the university offered. My daughter has chosen the specialty of election PR, as this profession is quite developed in the USA. I have nothing to do with political PR, so this was a surprise to me as well. I learned about it only after her acceptance into the university. My children choose their future professions and places of study themselves. And, if I ever try to influence their decisions, I always do so in an unobtrusive manner. They always make decisions themselves.
My elder daughter took her own choice. My other children are still young, but in the future they will also have the right to express their own choices.

Magaz Yerdesov,
deputy chairman of the board of Bank CenterCredit JSC:

I would prefer my children to study in Great Britain at the London School of Economics. My younger son will go in the autumn to study there. The reason for this selection is the worldwide reputation and prestigious name, being fourth in the ranking [of schools] in Great Britain. I hope that my son will receive an excellent level of knowledge there, as well as learning the classical English language. I believe that following graduation, he will be able to find on his own a high paying job within his specialty. I am sure that a good education will play a role. One very important factor is that he himself wishes to study there, having learned English very well and passed the TOEFL.
Three and a half years ago, I recommended to my eldest son he enter the Academy of Banking Business. He successfully graduated from this college, and is continuing his studies there until receives a higher degree. I recommend the Academy of Banking Business, as I believe that the level of teaching in economics courses has always been, and is, higher than at other institutions. I confirmed this in practice when talking with my son on various economics subjects like to a person who already understands various economics concepts and terminology. I hope that in the future, after receiving certain practical skills, both at work and in life, my son will continue his education, receiving even more serious knowledge at a good university in Great Britain or Switzerland.

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