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Dariga Nazarbaeva

The Internet does not change its favourite principle. It sincerely swears to speak the truth and something except the truth to the interlocutor. Will you be able to look for the happy medium in its confusing and contradictory statements? The history of the today’s person is fit for scenario of an interesting film. The ups and downs in the life of this public figure, whose life was under the fixed attention of the society due to her origin, position and ambitions, deserve their renewal. Developing the idea of art interpretation, we offer you this little trait. This is the traditional picture created by the virtual world which has existed there for a long time but has been visible not for everyone.

The most influential lady of Eurasian territory. In this manner, “Profile” magazine presents Dariga Nazarbaeva to its readers. Her reporter in “Vzglyad” newspaper says: “Her speech is reserved and unhurried, gestures are graceful, and smile is womanlike and charming. There is a blamelessness of the lady of fashion absolutely in everything - in her clothes, manners, intonations. The edition “New Russian word” in its article “Everything is left for children” states that the political scientists seriously consider her as a possible successor of her father in the post of the head of State.”
The electronic version of the printed press is major source of information but not the only one. The World-Wide Web brings to “na ogonek” and also to independent analytical portals.
The site
http://www.nomad.su keeps the results of the survey conducted four years ago. To the question “What do you think about Dariga Nazarbaeva?”, most users were inclined to answer as follows: “She is just a daughter of President”. The others who were not so lazy to make the extra clicks on the button of a mouse called her a clever and charismatic politician, perfect manager and media-magnate. The few percent of people evaluated her academic degree and singing talent.
Considering the situation, which has recently changed, the site
http://www.titus.kz writes about Dariga Nazarbaeva: “The strong political figure. She has taken the special place in the circle of the president so far: she has been the assistant of her father, but has always been in some distance which gave her some advantages. She has been associated with the course of Nazarbaev, but appeared as an independent politician”. The portals http://www.arba.ru and http://www.caoasis.info add: “After the scandal with her husband, she became a closed person. To get the comments from her is a big success for journalists.
The site
http://www.expert.ru states that Kazakhstani princess has given a lot of trouble to her father. And right here it explains: “Being the Deputy of Parliament and the owner of the powerful media-holding, she could afford to criticize the political system built by his father, although it was done mildly. The obstinate daughter felt independent enough because the business and the administrative opportunities of her now former husband Rahat Aliev stood up after her.
It is hard not to mention the name of Rahat Aliev while telling about Dariga Nazarbaeva. (We would remind you that being the ambassador of Kazakhstan in Austria, he was blamed for the economic crimes by the authorities.) 
The breakup of duet of people with strong characters is still on the lips of the press (
http://arabeski.globalrus.ru). It seems that all the matters aren’t still settled although, according to the formal announcements about that, the situation has been made clear long ago. Particularly, everybody is interested in the destiny of the property earned by the couples and how it will affect the life and career of the president’s daughter.
The site
http://www.expert.ru commented: “She sacrificed her little family for the sake of the big family.” The portals http://www.centrasia.ru and http://www.rian.ru in the article of S. Shermatova: “Dariga, Gulnara, Bermet - the maidenly presidential illusions” tried to contradict it, putting forward counter version of the event: “Maybe the hypothesis that the president’s daughter sacrificed her marriage for the sake of the politics or under the pressure of her father is suitable for Nazarbaeva herself. According to the observations of the close people to the family, her marriage had broken up much earlier than it was announced to the society. In the last years she was closer to her father than to her husband and nothing indicates that she supported the presidential ambitions of her husband.
The site
http://www.vremya.ru called the only comment about the rumors of her divorce given by Mrs. Nazarbaeva “so courageous and at the same time sensational”. It even quotes the citations given by her in the interview with the agency “Kazakhstan Today”: “This is ordeal for my family... I will add only that for my part it was suffered and realized choice”.
The site
http://www.ia-centr.ru publishes the interview of R. Aliev given to the broadcasting station “The German Wave”. In the interview he tells about the default divorce. He explains that his wife gave consent to official divorce because of her father’s pressure. The journalist gives the words of disgraced politician: “I am worried about the fate of my children. I cannot communicate with them. I gave all the documents to the lawyers. They will try to find out what can be done.”
Many portals, including
http://www.gazetasng.ru and http://www.gazeta.ru, state that the divorce has not affected the financial position of the president’s daughter. http://vlasti.net writes in its material “The princess will tell what is what”: “Now after the divorce with Rahat Aliev, ex-ambassador of Kazakhstan in Vienna, the elder daughter of the president Nazarbaev got her hands not only on all the financial instruments, left from the pieces of financial and industrial group “Aliev-Nazarbaeva” but also reserved all the informational resources.” Alexei Vlasov asks himself a question in the site http://www.gazeta.ru : “What is happening now in the part of the economy of Kazakhstan which was controlled by Rahat Aliev and Dariga Nazarbaeva? Is it divided or managed jointly?”
The site
http://pda.lenta.ru called JSC “Nurbank” one of the main financial resources of Dariga Nazarbaeva. According to the version of the portal “It was founded by Dariga to cover the financial frauds and machination as well as transfer the money abroad to the accounts of the family.” Maybe that’s why the news about the consent of AFS RK to the acquisition of the status of prominent participant of JSC “Nurbank” by D. Nazarbaeva with her elder son was duplicated in net by dozens of  sources, including the sites of broadcasting stations “The Liberty” and “The German Wave”, informational agencies http://www.rian.ru, http://www.kaztoday.kz, portals http://www.rosbalt.ru and http://www.ferghana.ru.
The site
http://www.newsland.ru called this event “Indirect confirmation that Kazakhstan’s administration makes no doubt about the loyalty of the president’s elder daughter.” and further comments: “So perhaps the bank assets of Rahat Aliev, which he values at 300 million dollars, will remain in the family in the end. And the daughter of the president will get another confirmation that she made the right choice.”
The site
http://www.posit.kz shared the data about the media assets with us: “The redistribution of newspapers, radio, channels, by the way has not still finished because of the juridical difficulties… Dariga Nazarbaeva herself, whose right to the ownership is indisputable, actually stopped to lead media-assets whose governing body permanently expands with the people from the administration of the president.”  
The activity of Mrs. Nazarbaeva as a media-magnate has long and frequently been discussed beginning from the doubts about her professionalism as journalist and ending with the statements about the illegal acquisition of the press by her and exploitation of it as support in the political arena (
http://vlasti.net, http://nrs.ru). Sergei Duvanov, always irreconcilable opponent of Dariga Nursultanovna, speaks of her in the site http://www.kub.info in the material “Destructive deja vu of Dariga Nazarbaeva”: “She is one of those people who created moral bases for unlawful actions against everybody who doesn’t agree with her father”. According to the words of journalist, “Through the controlled press she gradually instilled to kazakh people that the major threat for their prosperity comes from the opposition”.
The critical excursus is made by Guljan Yergalieva, the author of the rather harsh material in
http://titus.kz.: “She decided to engage in television because of the boredom and finally by coming into the commercial rage without ceremony, she seized all the state TV and radio channels, somebody else’s newspapers, printing-houses, strategic communication resources of State and the whole advertising market. Consequently, the domestic TV not only has not progressed as a major creative and cultural segment of society but also stuck in a dull, stupid and scoop propaganda about the person 01 and “his great deeds”.
Information about what makes up the media empire of Dariga Nursultanovna can be found in many portals. We will give the examples suggested by the popular Russian site
http://lenta.ru. We read about the subordination of most of the republican press to Mrs. Nazarbaeva in her detailed biography: “She had direct or indirect control of TV companies NTK, KTK, “Habar-2”, broadcasting stations “Europe plus Kazakhstan”, “Russian radio”, “Radio retro”. Moreover, the newspapers “New generation”, “Interfax-Kazakhstan” and the branch of TV company “Mir” in Kazakhstan were under her influence. The structures of republican corporation “TV and radio of Kazakhstan” - TV stations “Kazakhstan-1”, “Kazakhstan-2” and kazakh radio were the last to enter her media-holding. “Habar” has become the only channel in republic which had full correspondent web.”
Dariga Nazarbaeva denies her monopolization of the leading mass-media in the country in the site
http://www.mizinov.net : “If I had really monopolized them, they would not have already written about it? The channels do not belong to me and I am not in their governing body”.
The portal
http://www.ia-center.ru publishes “The condition of current moment” the material of Alisher Sagadiev. In it he brings the data describing the group of Dariga Nazarbaeva and Rahat Aliev in 2006. There are other assets except the mentioned media resources. “The Sugar Center”, “The Oil Center” and “Nurbank” relate to the main constituents of the group. “Kazatomprom” the National Atomic Company and its president M.Jakishev (friend of Aliev from the kindergarten) can be added to that list. The people who work for the group are G. Marchenko, A.Jodaspbekov, B.Muhamejanov, T.Dosmuhambetov, A.Musaev, S. Kuzmenko, S. Tokpakbaev, K.Tokaev, B.Aytimova, V.Hrapunov, S.Kulmahanaov, B.Saparbaev, T.Mansurov. The brothers of the Mirzahmetovs are also in the group.
Once being the omnipotent owner of the informational space of Kazakhstan, Dariga Nazarbaeva with time turned into influential politician. Observation of journalists on this subject can be found in the portal
http://www.ren-tv.com. Not a few things are said about her ambitions in this field of social life on the WEB. http://www.mideast.ru still gives the archive information of 2004 about seeing Mrs. Nazarbaeva as a political discovery of the year. She could win the competition due to the party “Asar” which was founded by her and became the leader party at once. The Slogan that Dariga Nazarbaeva made in the press and also in her own site was notorious “We are against silence, dummies, and irresponsibility”. In the portal http://www.ng.ru Saken Salimov wrote that the elder daughter speaks about the current system of Kazakhstan very critically.
 The birth of the party, its sensational promotion and its end, disappearing in the depths of pro presidential “Otan”, which was on the lips of the press, can be traced in the World-Wide Web without any difficulties. The comments are absolutely different. For example, the journalist of “The German Wave” in the portal
http://www.materik.ru calls the event “The return of prodigal daughter”. Other experts consider that by losing her party, the daughter of Nazarbaev suffered the crash in political activity. This is how the portal http://www.vzglyad.ru publishes: “Dariga Nazarbaeva is the person for whom the congress of the ruling party “Nur Otan” became the full disappointment. She was left without any ranks and perspectives. The Congress dismissed her from the position of the Deputy Chairman of the party and didn’t include her into the voting list.” The site http://www.vz.ru also keeps the general sense of this material: “Dariga Nazarbaeva has actually dropped out of political game. After such disgrace her chances to return to the politics and probable succession are falling steadily”.
Alexei Vlasov has got another opinion in the electronic pages of the portal
In the material “The strong castle?” he assures that “The creation of the group of weepers about the political career of Dariga Nazarbaeva is somewhat early. “Notified” people even marked the post for which the ex-leader of the “Asar” party can nominate in the near future. This is strategically important position of Minister of Culture & Information”.
“I am the politician of the new formation who accepted the democratic principles”. This statement of Dariga Nursultanovna can be found on the Web which she gave to the journalist of the newspaper Assandy-Times. In the site
http://www.apn.kz Leonid Gusev in the article with the expressive name “Dariga Nazarbaeva - the ascending star of Kazakhstan politics” even compares her with B. Bhutto and I. Ghandi, by listing the major aspects of her political activity.
The author writes: “Many analysts and experts note that finally, her whole activity is directed to become the successor of her father - President Nursultan Nazarbaev. However, Dariga Nursultanovna has never mentioned about her presidential ambitions emphasizing that she and her party is always in the team of the President, and that it is possible to influence the politics without occupying high position.” Frankly speaking, in spite of the prophesy wandering in the society that the presidential chair is reserved for her, Dariga Nursultanovna diligently denies these rumors. In the interview to the newspaper “Assendy-Times” she says: “To consider yourself as a future President is ridiculous, foolish and pretentious. The destiny will select the successor, but nobody knows when will it happen. In general, there are more interesting activities than amateur futurology in the field of politics. Therefore, be away from the forecast. Fortune-telling and astrology exist for this genre”.
Dariga Nazarbaeva has never mentioned bad things about her father. The citation from the newspaper “Moskoski komsomoles” can serve as an example of numerous statements about Nursultan Nazarbaev: “Today I don’t know the figure of such scope, such degree of political thinking and vision. It is enough to look at his team: he is three times more clever than all of them. Sometimes, it is very difficult for him because he permanently needs to pull this entire crowd after himself to the bright future”. There is one more citation from the archives of the portal “Novii izvestia”: “My father is a master of political compromise, and with the help of this quality he has saved Kazakhstan for many times during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and then after it has become the sovereign State. President Nazarbaev is a centrist who considers the interests of all political and social groups”.
“I have never used the services of image makers”, Dariga Nursultanovna admitted once in the interview to the newspaper “Vzglyad”, which was printed in the electronic version and put in the personal site of Mrs. Nazarbaeva. “I have met with the people who call themselves polytechnologists, but I had little success with the people who “make images”. I am convinced that you should be true to yourself in politics as well as in other forms of social activity, and not try to resemble someone”. 
Some years ago, Talgat Zaripov in the site
http://www.iicas.org  stated that Dariga Nazarbaeva has led purposeful PR-campaign to form her own political image: “The emphasis was made on the democratic manners, highly developed intellect and wide contacts abroad”. The author noted that her “active participation in the movement for the rights of the women” has become the typical detail added to her image. We can find the citation of D. Nazarbaeva herself in the material of the magazine “Profile”: “As it seems to me, the representatives of stronger sex extremely misuse their right to be weak, hysterical and fearful. Let me suppose that in the field of battle or business the men appear as a primitive beauty of soldiers and hunters. However, neurasthenics are frequently met in politics”. In the article published in “Komsomolskaya pravda” according to the results of phone conversation with Nazarbaeva, we can find the answer to the question whether a woman can run such country as Kazakhstan. “Why not! There are many interesting, intelligent, talented women-bankers, businesswomen, managers who surpass the men in many questions. Regarding myself, if I can do something effective in order to make the country more open, I will be already happy”. The site http://www.unesco.kz publishes the curious article “The courage of the fair sex and the female answer to the male question”. Christiane Doroshenko puts Dariga Nazarbaeva as an example of combination of femininity with strong character.
In the most of the interviews she starts conversation about her work on the image of Kazakhstan in the international arena. She in advance sweeps aside the questions of journalists about the promotion of patriotism and her interest in personal political dividends. Nazarbaeva cites well-known Eurasian media-forum as an example. So in the interview in the site of the newspaper “Izvestia” the principal registration of forum in Kazakhstan is seen by Nazarbaeva as important fact for the foreign image of the country. Media-magnate explains the existence of the forum itself in the site
http://www.mizinov.net. Her citation is quoted in the material reprinted from the newspaper “Karavan”: “The forum doesn’t have practical task. We haven’t created it for propaganda of some ideas as instrument of persuasion. I always considered that the communication itself is important; it doesn’t have to bring the sides to some conclusion…” Meanwhile in the site http://freeas.org in the material “Political aerobics of Dariga Nazarbaeva” it is written that media-forums which took place left more doubts than clarity of aims… As a rule, all the initiatives are distinguished with scope and claim for social significance. As they say, the tsar’s scope (especially with respect to the material resources), but the results are not grater than one-time actions.
The journalists gave a political description even to the performance of Dariga Nazarbaeva in a big theatre. Even now we can read these lines from the article “The Kazakh princess” in the site
http://www.kub.info: “The concert was unusual - for the narrow circle of the Russian political establishment. And the aim of it wasn’t to demonstrate the vocal qualities of the daughter but to represent Moscow the probable successor of the head of Kazakhstan”. Such evaluation of the performance of Mrs. Nazarbaeva - “political parade” surpassed other uncomplimentary epithets among of which were “the whim of tsar” and “PR-action”. However, we need to note that sincere lines of admiration can be found about the “voice of daughter” (“Trud”, “Izvestia”, “Rossiskaya gazeta”).
There is as much information about the singing talent of the President’s daughter in the Internet as the information about her activity as a politician and the director of media-empire. Moreover, there are enough populist articles as well as critical and even unjustified evil materials. Dariga herself calls the enthusiasm for chamber singing the main hobby in her life, and the lessons of vocal – an air-way in the working vanity of the days. This admission as well as many other personal emotions can be found in the personal site of Dariga Nazarbaeva -
http://www.dariga.kz. The portal has tens of references with her interview to different mass media.        
According to today’s heroine, whose name is translated from Arabic as a “healer”, she always thoroughly looks after her appearance. She doesn’t apply special efforts, doesn’t go on a diet, and doesn’t do sports too much. The main source of energy is work. Although she became a grandmother, she values the memories from the village of her childhood. She cannot stand the lie, values kindness, the sense of humour and professionalism (
http://www.khabar.kz). She has few friends and close people. “I can count my friends with whom I can go to sauna, to drink tea in the kitchen just with the help of my hand’s fingers. I am actually the closed person and don’t even share everything with my Mother. The position that we have in society makes us narrow the circle of communication. If you let the person enter what is called the family, you don’t know how he/she will interpret what is heard and what is seen.”, Dariga Nazarbaeva said to the newspaper “New generation”.
The political and social status of “Kazakh princess” cannot be called indisputable. Recently, it experienced several remarkable shakings. The Internet contains a lot of positives and negatives,from memoirs to forecasts. She explains the plenty of critical evaluations in her own site: “If they don’t write anything bad about you, then you are worth nothing.”

It is hard to speak about mens’ attitudes towards Mrs. Nazarbaeva. Especially it can be seen on the forums where the participants don’t hesitate in their statements. However, to speak about the full absence of admirers would be unfair. The common tendency is demonstrated in the examples taken from the portals http://zonakz.net and http://nomad.su.
Bolat: “She is not such popular politician. She has no authority. It is evident that she is famous. It is impossible to be unknown by being the daughter of Nazarbaev. Don’t mix the fame with popularity.”
Inhabitant Serikov: “As a resident I like the deeds of Dariga Nazarbaeva very much. As an intelligent woman she followed the principle – away from the authorities, close to the kitchen.  As the mess began she has taken and registered almost everything that belonged to R.A. for herself and her children. Now she is the chief stockholder of many things. Dariga Nursultanovna is just fine girl. While others discussed how poor and unhappy she was, she became wealthy and happy.
Keep this way”.
Alexander: “I always liked Dariga because there was something komsomolsk and quick-tempered. And I think that she could accomplish much if she began career from the below as a usual person. Her mistake was in that she built her life on such unsteady foundation as kindred relations with the President. 
Anonymous user: “Dariga is not the worse version!”
Anonymous user: “Dariga is prettier than Yushenko. She can also sing and behave in society. I would vote for her”.
Anonymous user: “What a pity, Nazarbaev has ruined Dariga as a politician and person.
Inhabitant: “Hold on Dariga! You’ve already become a good politician. Be superior to the circumstances!”
Anonymous user: “Is there a time for her to be a housewife? Televisions, newspapers, banks, oil – all the assets of Rahat belong to her now. She won’t work as a housewife but as a millionaire. She only refused from the football, and it is also not a fact”.
Me: “I have never treated DN with special sympathy, but this article is in any way disgusting. It is not fine to throw stones at the person at the time when it is so hard for her.
Lena: “She doesn’t have any charms, it was noted even in the press and her equally-monotonous mentor voice doesn’t leave any opportunities to stretch the parallel with komsomol instigators.

Dariga Nursultanovna Nazarbaeva

Was born on 7th May of 1963 in the town Temirtau of the Karagandin region. Kazakh.
Father - Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbaev
Mother - Sara Appisovna Nazarbaeva
Children: Aliev Nurali Rahatovich, born in 1985 ., Nazarbaev Aysultan Rahatovich, born in 1990; Alieva Venera Rahatovna, born in 2000.
She studied in the faculty of history in the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, graduated from the S.M. Kirov Kazakh State University in 1985. In 1990 she entered the post-graduate course of Moscow State University. In 1991 she defended the Ph.D. thesis, and after the 7 years- doctoral thesis. She is the Candidate of historical science and the doctor of political science. She began her labour activity at the beginning of 1992 as a vice-president of children’s charitable fund “Bobek”. Beginning from 1994 she became the director of the National TV informational agency “Khabar” RK TRK. Beginning from the 1995 the General Director of the Republican State Agency “Khabar”. Beginning from 1998-president of the Agency “Khabar”, and from the 2001-the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Agency “Khabar”.
From 2003 to 2006 she was the leader of the party “Asar”.
She is the member of the Board of Directors of the International academy of television arts and sciences (New-York, USA), corresponding member of the International economic academy “Eurasia”, president of Eurasian center of strategic researches.
She occupied social positions in different years: the member of National commission of UNESKO RK, president of fund “Kazkhstanskaya reklama”, the honourable president of the Federation of gymnastics of RK.
The Chairman of the executive committee of the Congress of Kazakhstan’s journalists, member of the Academy of Kazakhstan’s journalists.
The Chairman of trustee counsel “Vybor Molodih”.
She can speak Kazakh, Russian, English, Italian, partly German.

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